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Steam Build Notes
Not only did changing the character detail from very high to high fix issues.

Loading is now faster and the transitions are smooth as butter for me now.
Put me down as another one who benefited greatly from having Character Detail go from Highest to High.

The game went from un-playable stuttery to very smooth.
I assume there is some issue with the highest setting character detail textures absolutely absorbing all our VRAM. I noticed this a lot through cutscenes too, where character detail is quite prevalent.
yeah thats freakn werid aye lol,had to run one card too!!! now it run fines for me 4/5 game's in loving it
up up cronulla
Thanks Ross and thank the team also! I knew the PC version was gonna be worth the wait. Nice my download is only gonna take under 10mins..... Sweet!
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Very very happy with it just smashed the Bronco's 16-8 lol love how you can create your own running lines
up up cronulla
(09-30-2015, 03:31 PM)ET1980 Wrote: love how you can create your own running lines

WHAT? really?
Yeah I got a Dislocated shoulder i'm already out for 90 days, -.- That was game 2. Tough times ahead lol.
I assume a lot of people will be unhappy with the performance if they go in thinking they can max it all out without knowing the obvious issue surrounding the character detail highest setting.
I hope Big Ant can sort it out quick and patch it on Steam, or if they can't in the mean time just patch out the option for Highest in that setting.

Anyway the game looks amazing, especially coming from someone who has played a lot of it on Xbox One. Having no screen tearing on cut scenes makes things much much much easier on the eye.
So my issue appears to be my new HDD, even though Steam and RLL3 are on my SSD my PC was still crashing so I unplugged the new HDD and the game runs great. Now I just have to figure out what's wrong with the new HDD.....after some games.....

I'm running on max everything but AA off and my only drop in frames is during splash screens but is very minor.

Also, thanks HBK for getting in touch, you can cross me off your list.
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I put a positive review on the game noting that so people will know if they read the steam reviews. I'd advise others to do the same.

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