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So PC version anythinG to look out for?
Hey guys and gal's just wondering when this hits tommo if there is anythink we need to look out for?
Are we getting lastest patch?
Are we able to pre test patches?
i know its easyer to patch steam because you know PC master race and all lol

Are save's going to be a issue? 3 great games in 1 month what a MONTH!!!

Like E.T's Fend Big Grin

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up up cronulla
I'm looking forward to teaching Fission a lesson
I'm looking forward to playing it on the PC again whenever I feel like it, I had them on consoles, but it's just not the same.

The days of Rugby League 1 and 2 on PC were bliss.
Looking forward to more ET threads.
[Image: SYWLAxC.png]
up up cronulla
Like Wagyu Steaks
LoL's fissionfailed right there!!!
Think he needs some candy

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up up cronulla
On the topic of Wagyu steaks, best place to get them is at Costco

Some local butchers sell them at $100/kilo, costco sells them at $62/kilo
Yeah very very costly steak that but melts in your month (non Dodgy)

So Yuna tips mate
up up cronulla
Tips on what? how to cook Wagyu steaks?

Most important thing is get the pan very very very hot. So that once you put the steak in the heat, the marble fat from the outer layer of the steak oozes out and melts all around the steak to get maximum flavour. What you want to achieve on the steak is a nice brown crust from the outside while keeping it pink / reddish in the middle.

Only turn the steak once. I normally put butter on the steak when its one minute before ready to get that nice flavour.

Steaks are meant to be eaten rare, if you cook it above medium you are wasting the steak and may aswell use steak from Aldi if you want to cook it above medium

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