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Adelaide Oval from AFL Live 2 GOTY DLC for FIFA conversion
Hi Guys,

I'm writing this post to ask if any of you can help with extracting the stadium files of the Adelaide Oval from the AFL Live 2 GOTY DLC for PS & Xbox. I ask since I'd like to use the stadium for Adelaide United, who play their Finals Series home games there in the A-League. The FIFA community has already converted AAMI Park, Suncorp Stadium & Westpac Stadium from Rugby Challenge 2 to FIFA 14. If anyone can help with this that'd be great. Thanks.
We didn't produce AFL Live 2 (not sure it had a GOTY edition either).

Big Ant Studios store at
There was a goty dlc thingy.
(10-14-2015, 07:03 PM)eatablecookie Wrote: There was a goty dlc thingy.

It's not in the AFL Live 1 GOTY edition.
That's what I like about Football!

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