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Game crashing
I have a problem. When I try to start a new career as 'be a rookie' I fill in all the name details, commentary, roles etc then click continue. I then choose 'copy from fan hub' to get my created player, press triangle to filter (search) and the game crashes each and every time stating:

an error has occurred in the following application
rugby league live 3

Suggested actions
Report problem

I then have to start the game again as it quits to the ps4 menu.

I can repeat this error at will so far it has happened 4/4 times. I don't want to create another fanhub player but I might have too.

This is on ps4. Fully updated 1.01
I don't believe this is caused by my fan hub player as it occurs when I try to filter the fanhub before I can even search for my player?

I can filter when I go through the FANHUB menu on the opening screen but I cant start a career from there. Please help Ross or HBK as it is preventing me playing career mode 'be a rookie'. Anyone have the same issue? This is really frustrating me and I don't want to start a new save game as I have already completed a full NRL season in coach mode and won a premiership. HELP!!
Will PM you to further find details about your issue.
Has anyone tried to prodigy? I was planning on it, but definitely don't want to risk it in case this happens.

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