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Current generation vs Old generation
(09-22-2015, 11:25 PM)br0ck1 Wrote: The running backwards thing happens pretty regularly for me, just with normal passes before the defensive line. I wouldn't mind the intercept thing so much, but it results in a lag when the player catches the ball. Here is an example of how it would happen. I will hold LB and RB to pass to Kane Elgey (playmaker) and it will be travelling to him but then the game will lag and suddenly Ryan James has the ball instead.

Excuse the quality, but here is a little video I took of the running backwards glitch. When it happens I also experience a bit of lag, which obviously doesn't show on the replay system.

Oh right, for me it doesn't lag when a player intercepts and its not like it goes to a random player, it is always the one that is between the passer and the intended receiver.

I have looked at the vid and I see what you mean but I have not had it happen in a normal line yet only in broken play when throwing it about
Finally got the game, ps3 copy. I'm enjoying it but it needs patching to fix the lag and broken sound.
(09-22-2015, 10:49 PM)br0ck1 Wrote: Okay thanks Ross, I'm really enjoying the game other than the issues and I'm thinking it may have been because it's digitally downloaded. Do you suggest that I should just buy a retail version on Thursday, or do you think that the problem can be patched?

We'll try our best to replicate it asap and if required patch - please don't buy another version until we verify the issue it as it may have the same results for you.

Big Ant Studios store at
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