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Finals Pick
Hi All,
Seeing as though the title for this forum category is rugby league I didn't think it would be too out of place to ask who everyone thinks will win this years NRL grand final. (Not related to the game specifically but about Rugby League as a whole so I hope mods don't mind me posting this here, if so Sorry haha)

I think broncos will be hard to beat this year. The other teams have had some moments of brilliance all throughout the season but have made their fair share of mistakes. I haven't seen a large amount of mistakes from the broncos.
If they keep that up they should win.

I would love to see the Sharks or the Cowboys pick up their first premiership but I don't see it happening in honesty. (Although the sharks have really stepped up this season.)

I honestly don't care too much who wins as long as its not the storm (I hate Melbourne)
Munster Is in great form tho and is an absolute champion.

Finally I'm still hoping that every team that finished above 10th place has breached the salary cap and gets caught before the end of the season so penrith gets awarded the premiership haha.

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