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Road to Glory question
So basically in FIFA there was nothing sweeter than taking a low level league 2 team to the premiership. For those unfamiliar the English football system (like most football leagues) has a promotion/relegation system. Where potentially any low level teams could make it to the top, a road to glory.

My question: I see in coach mode the promotion playoffs are there for the championship sides. But can you take a championship 1 team to the super league? From what I remember the two finalist get promoted. I've started a career as the Swinton Lions because they're an old club with lots of history. Is anyone else doing the same? If so how have you found it?

up up cronulla
(09-17-2015, 12:14 PM)ET1980 Wrote:

Hah well played. Think we've heard the last of that song this season though. Tongue

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