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Different kicks(bomb, grubbers, cross field,ect.):)
Chip kicks are all about timing. I only use them rarely, but I have a pretty good success rate with them. They hardly work in the middle of the field, unless it's only you and the fullback.
(09-17-2015, 01:57 AM)Arcane Wrote: The final touch I would add would be signature gk stances I'd like to see Croker's and Sowards ridiculous set up among others.

Really good idea, might be outside the scope of this release but giving players personality and character would be a huge improvement for the future.

Kicking is also great, cant complain about too much other than I feel like it should be easier to hold up the opposition if they catch a ball in goal.
I agree kicking is great although each type of kick should be classified as a separate attribute as some players are better at punting and others better at grubbers etc

Should also be allowed to choose who kickoffs instead of always the playmaker

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