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I am having trouble trying to copy my player Alex Falemaka on the fanhub black team for be a pro rookie, but it says "Restricted results to only show the first 600 entries that passed filters" only teams/players are not showing are all from developer teams big ant tru blu black & red team i didnt have this problem before... and when i press Triangle for filter it takes me out of the game and i have to load it back up??
Find the player, share it. Download it, then pick it. That should work.
Wont work cause its still saying its restricted to 600 entries that passed filters and when i press triangle for filter to search it up My players Name it takes me out of the game but i did just try it now
It kept crashing for me too so what I did to go past it was make a copy of my player on the fanhub (copied everything), make them 40 years old and the lowest rated player, then I put them on the Worst team on Championship 1 and after that just copied the likeness from the 'copy from career' option.

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