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Two Pretty awesome moments of brilliance.
(09-13-2015, 03:29 PM)FissionMailed Wrote: On my screen I mean, still the best game I've played online so far, everyone is either a cheap ass or is really bad.

Yeah haha. It's just a bit of lag. I was streaming at the time. Usually people just rage quit after I score two tries. They always try short kick offs, but they don't even know how to contest a catch.

It's funny, I think I did some longer kick offs and got the ball back a couple of times. Funny how it works.
Yeh the long high kick off is great move to get the ball back with minimum risk
We need people to cut awesome highlights of plays to out in here. So people can see that set plays not only exist, but don't just happen all the time.
amateur is laughably easy, you can beat the entire team by fending/side stepping like you're the love child of Jona Lomu and Anthony Milford.
The commentary is a bit worrying with the second video. Normal commentators would be screamimg their heads off at the huge play in the dying sedonds of a grandfinal but these one's would prefer to calmly talk about how the Panther's will be glad to get points on the board.
you'll thing Gould would be amping up the panthers
up up cronulla

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