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Fan Hub sub-forum of RLL3 forum?
Hey Ross,

Any chance of a Fan Hub sub-forum be created under this forum? Just think that because it's such a huge part of the game it would be great to have a place where multiple fan hub threads can be created and not pollute the main RLL3 forum page.

Also as it is now there is the one thread "fanhub creations" which is plus 90 pages. A lot to go through and probably a lot of good work that gets buried in one thread.

I can see it's value as guys can show their work and help others in the clubs, rosters, whatever it is they are trying to create to it in a much more specific format. Specific team or even create the full roster, as best we can, for a specific season. All of these can have its own dedicated thread.

I was thinking it works well for the Operation Sports forum where I frequent for the NBA games and they have a seperate page for "rosters" only where some excellent work is done by the community.

Just food for thought.

Op Sports link though you probably are aware of it already:

Also has other sub-forums, not sure how big the online gaming community is for Rugby League here but could be another sub-forum as well.
This would be very helpful, especially in the future when roster updates become common.
Sounds like a good idea - we'll definitely do some reorganising.

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