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Horse racing game

Have you guys thought of making a horse racing game for ps3/xbox360 with all the australian licenses like melbourne cup challenge did?

I loved that game, pity it doesnt work on ps3.

Anyone else think this would be a good idea?
Not that my comment will help much, but I quite enjoyed it a bit myself.

It was more of an arcade type game for my liking, though.
Thanks mate yeh i just like how it had australian races and the spring carnival etc.

Would be nice to hear from ross or someone at big ant
Yeh sidhe made melbourne cup challenge but doesnt look like there is gunna be another..

A shame because that game was good fun.
I doubt they will make another one because not many people will purchase the game imo. No youngies or teens will buy the game and the kids and teens are the majority of video game players in the world.
Does anyone know names of horse racing games on pc (Maybe 1980 onwards) that you could buy the horses, enter them in races, hire jockeys (the better the jockey the more he charged and the higher his % of the win prize money), and you could watch them race (8 horses a race i think) or just get the results of the race?
I would play it, I'm only 17
Whitewash for the Aussies!!!
My old flat mate and I had heaps of fun with Melbourne Cup Challenge. We made a comp out of it to see who made the most money in their careers. And being a PS2 game we had to write everything down in a book to keep track of it. I got caught out about half way through my career because I hadn't breed enough horses and couldn't enter many races.
"I'm not saying it's ugly but, that tackle clearly wouldn't get many valentines cards" - Eddie Hemmings '17
I never played the game, although I'd play anything new Big Ant would produce
Whitewash for the Aussies!!!
Thanks Buddy. Such a good new for me. Because i like games

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