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Badges, XP and Matchmaking for Online Ranked Matches
Why would they go away from what RLL2 had when playing games online? Everytime I play online and somebody rage quits you get a Draw or nothing even registers. If somebody left your online game in RLL2 you actually got that 1000XP because they left, wether it was a rage quit or they had to leave for other reasons. At the end of a game online I don't even know what I achieved in terms of my gameplay. I understand there a stats so I might have won by 6 tries to 2 tries or kicked a 40/20 but what's my reward for doing certain things in the game!? In RLL2 you saw exactly what you achieved in your online match with badges and how much each badge is worth. It feels like you don't achieve anything online except a game win, draw or loss hence no real progression system. Such a big disappointment for us users who thrive on playing online to get on the Leaderboards and wanting to earn XP for those badges. Also I thought the matchmaking was going to work with a "locality" sort of inclusion but I'm just matched up with the next guy waiting wherever they are located and possibly end up playing a very laggy game. Sorry guys if there's a thread about this already, I only joined not long ago in anticipation for this game. Still enjoying this game with all its kinks though...only we as the gamers can help the game get better with our feedback right.
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We'll put an explanation of online tomorrow, including how wins are awarded for disconnects.

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Cheers for the reply Ross. I loved the online concept on RLL2, I'm very surprised it's completely changed in RLL3 when it was executed very well and made you want to progress in the ranked online.
"Will you teach me how to football!?"

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