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Team Selection Question Fwd Bck Tot
ok sorry but I don't get this
What is this displaying a total of?
I mean bad international teams are forward is 9 back is 8 and total is 17
Australia is 10 , 7, 17 so does that mean Australia's backs are worse than the worse teams?
Also in nrl the the total shows teams like Titans and dragons to be 40
Does that mean on paper Titans and dragons are better than every other team in the nrl?
Also if you look at the total the Australian international team will get smashed from any team in nrl according to these stats (lowest being 33 sharks and dogs?)

I just don't get what the fwd, bck and tot is displaying
Is lower better or higher

What is it please help
That's how many players the team has.
9 forwards, 8 backs = 17 total players
[Image: image.php?u=665&type=sigpic&dateline=1435295765]
Back is displaying the amount of backs in the team. Australia is 7 for back which means their are seven backs in the team (Slater, Johnston, Dugan, Chambers, Inglis, Thurston and Cronk).

Same goes for forwards, there at 10 forwards in the Australian national team. That equals to a total of 17 players in the Australia squad.
Thanks I thought it was ratings

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