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Online ranking??
Hi All,

I have played nearly 7-8 games online which I have won (3 times my opponents rq) yet on the leaderboard it only shows that I have won 4 games and had a Draw. Anyone else have issues with this? Does it take some time to load?
Both platforms batch the updates. It can be a small time but can also take a while to update depending on when in the batch process the submission to the leaderboard is made.

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Thanks for the response Ross.

I didn't see any updates to it, meaning I had played and won 8 matches or so but only showing 4 on the leaderboard. Also today after having played and won 4 games it only updated one win. Are all online games ranked? Also if someone quits in game (this has happened at least 4 times) does it get counted as a win?
It's not always a win as the system can't tell who quit unless they quit via a menu.

I'll get a definition on what happens if someone quits, the win is awarded based on time in the game and score at the time the quit occurred.

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Yeah this is frustrating when 90% of the games I've played online, the player quit! How is that my fault that they didn't want to stick around for the duration of the game? Even when I'm losing I'll stick it out but I actually quit on a couple occasions because I thought "who cares it'll just end up as a draw". On RLL2 you actually got your win XP if your opponent left the game because they were getting beat or whatever reasoning. It's hard enough to find a decent game, then play a full game and in the end not getting the correct outcome. My XP went up by 1500 in the space of 3 hours of playing online. That's 500XP for a win...I had 3 players who actually played the full game even though they lost and had about 15 players quit because I scored 2 tries in quick succession or put them out of reach with the clock winding down. Why couldn't it just be like RLL2's online concept?
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Everytime it has happened I have been up by quite a few points hence the quitting, and it kind of ruins the online play as people will just quit knowing it won't count as a loss. Is there anyway this can be fixed? Other then that enjoying the game so far, great work!!
Hey Ross can we make a system where there is ranking points taking off for rage quitters ?? i know its hard for someone with legitimate lag and it disconnects. But when someone quits when you go 6-0 up after 4 mins of play its frustrating !!

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