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Jerseys in career mode
This will probly be another pointless thread but nether the less.

I think you should be able to pick the jerseys both you and the opposition team wear. I have had a number of occasions were both teams are wearing the same coloured Jersey and it really is hard to tell the difference.

But maybe I'm just a picky asshole.
Yes I believe this should be the case and don't understand why it is omitted. Roosters v Canterbury at ANZ will see white jerseys v white jerseys
It seems to be solidly based on home and away jerseys... but it's not too picky to want that option. Some teams clash or the colour scheme is either both too dark or too light to easily separate the two.

Either that or assign your home and away jersey as dark or light so the system can make the necessary changes to maintain contrast.
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I had Melbourne's Heritage against Penrith's home jersey, was bloody awful. Surely it will be patched so that we are able to choose.
This HAS to be patched. Some games are almost impossible to play, especially in the rain. I was playing Cowboys (dark blue jersey) vs Bulldogs (black/dark blue away jersey) and you could not tell who was who.
All away teams where the Nepal Donkeys strip - Problem solved!

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I agree I had a situation during a 9's game Cowboys vs Penrith both solid white jersey also clashing with the ref caused me a lot of problems as far as I'm concerned they have missed a shit load of the finer details of career mode but all of which as far as I'm concerned can be fixed through a patch
This is annoying me too.

Mainly because some teams have one or two jerseys in their line-up that are absolutely crap and I'd like to pick one of their better ones for them to wear when I play them.
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So far, in my 7 career games, 3 have been white vs white Sad

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