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Congrats Adrian Morley on a fantastic Rugby League Career
Adrian Morley has announced he will retire at seasons end. Just want make a thread praising the great man. One of the best English Forwards of all time. He debuted in 1995, he played 20 years of Rugby League in top flight competitions NRL and Super League. For a Second Rower/Front Rower that is a hell of an achievement. Congrats Adrian good luck at life after football.
Loved watching him play. Tough (sometimes dirty Wink ) and gave his all for the Super League, NRL and his country.

He is always in my 'fantasy teams' when discussed with mates.
20 years is an achievement very few players see in any sports. I'll never forget that hit in 2003 that sent him off. Would have hated to be Robbie Kearns XD

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