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Favourite Aspects of the Game
Since we have been reading all negative things on the forum lately, I thought we could share what's good about the game.Smile. I personally think the gameplay is fun and online is also great. So let's hear the positive feedback.
So much....

- the overlaps you create
- the pressure you can build
- the grubbers
- the fact that you can play it like league and have a gameplan that actually matters
- Remondis looks more like shark park than most other games in the past
As a bystander, something I've noticed while being able to just watch other people play is the stadiums look fantastic, particularly in BaP camera, there's just something about that camera that makes them shine.
As a bystander i'm glad you have the courage to come out.
I like how goal kicking is harder to master. Some games I get 100% from the sideline and sometimes I get 2/6 goals in from sideline.
Presentation is great and im enjoying the drills. Playing a career is rookie is awesome aswell. Cant wait to play some more!
Fuck I love this game !

I love the tackling, love how the forwards and the backs both play their roles, love the whole game superseded my expectations by far
Wet Weather Football / Mud. Watching a replay and noticing that my Hooker looked like their head had been slammed in the mud just adds to the fun of playing in the rain.

Lots more to mention but that was cool IMO. Smile
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
I love everything the game has to offer I ain't gonna sit back and bitch & moan about bugs.
Fellas, just a quick question.

Has anyone downloaded the new official Player database 9 (mine is version 7) on the Xbone.

I click 'yes do it' then appears to download then gets stuck with the empty background of the menu but the music continues.

Does anyone have this issue or how long this takes or is it a bug ?

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