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Patch Ideas!
(09-10-2015, 11:39 AM)krypter Wrote: the option to change position in be a pro.

Hang on, what? You can't change positions once you start?
+1 for fixing/implementing the pass icons back into the game. I really liked being able to pass the ball to the player I prefered in RLL2.
(09-10-2015, 11:07 AM)krypter Wrote: Slower player cards at the start, i want time to see the line ups. You don't get any during the nines.

Yes! I noticed that watching the gameplay videos people have posted up.
I literally can't read both teams line ups.
Taumololo got injured and played on the field till there was a stoppage. I understand if this was difficult to code like the subs.
Thursday night football field markings aren't in the game
7min halves
Sfs orientation fix
Random moon pass
Ability to see attributes in transfer markets and career
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Yea I noticed that also, come on ref get in position, 2 out from the ruck (45degrees)!
(09-10-2015, 10:05 AM)Makaveli Wrote: Can I ask why the referee is always loitering behind the ruck? I get him confused with the opposition fullback when making a break down the edge
I would like to see the pass icons displayed when I press the pass buttons, the lineups displayed slower so I can see my opponents team and the ability to choose the jersey in coach pro mode.
- The ability to play co-op in career mode.
- Change Jerseys in career mode.
- Edit players visuals in career mode (coach mode)
- Allow greater momentum for forwards in the middle of the field.
Why not allow the L1 or R1 plus Square, Triangle or Circle passing options be used to make your chosen players run forward at pace then again as the ball is played again use either button combo to pass to the player on the charge?.

The cool thing is you could possibly use the chosen player to run forward as a decoy runner and pass to a second or third man and if you queue runners at different timings perhaps some cool set plays could come from it.

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