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This game is a major let down.
(09-10-2015, 12:19 AM)nbugge94 Wrote: This game unfortunately for me is a major major let down.

I wouldn't go as far as MAJOR let down. But it does need a lot of work to become truly fun for me.

1 thing BA absolutely nailed is the graphics and presentation. This game is visually stunning. If RLL4 gets the green light I wouldn't even consider touching the visuals - 100% budget to gameplay.

As for the gameplay, I feel what you are saying. I think the only things this game needs to be really fun to play is more realistic physics and momentum. Which I think is your main criticism too?

If you play Rugby 08, (even Jonah Lomy Rugby 1997) they got this right. Players can dart through gaps but get dragged down around the legs whilst still driving their legs forward. It actually always "felt" like you were trying to breach/pierce the defensive line with every play. They could slide out of tackles and keep running etc. Physics/realistic momentum is absolutely key to a sport that relies so heavily on strength/weight/speed/power etc. These tackles in RLL3 where guys get sucked towards defenders like magnets (and cue dominant tackle animation) just hurts my eyes to see. And there is NO support play. One thing I was taught as a kid playing league is to get right up your team-mates arse if he even marginally looked like making a break. In RLL3 you make a break and you're on your own.

Physics/momentum is where RLL3 lacks massively. Forwards are taken out of the game (yes I use hit up stick). And I do play this exactly like a real league game. Really you just need to pop offloads, or hope that you step/fend a player to score points. Which is s**t. Bombs and grubbers are slightly better, but still no realism to the way they're executed (again even Jonah Lomu 1997 you could thread a grubber into the in-goal and slide through to ground it, and their bombs and contestions were great).

I'll still play this just because I love NRL, not because it's that thrilling. Anyway thanks Ross and BA it's definitely an improvement.
JLR kicking was pretty awesome. I remember one time I was deep inside my own half with nothing happening, so I just went meh, screw it and did a cross field chip kick and I actually pulled it off and regathered the ball using my winger on the full. It was pure fluke tho but knowing that feature was there was awesome.

I don't think you can do that in RLL3
So with the hit-up button, I press it just before the defensive line and either hit a brick wall and go nowhere or do like a mini palm and fall over the advantage line.

It seems a bit hit and miss.

Are you guys clicking R3 when he receives the pass or when he gets to the defensive line?
Have you tried holding it?
Are you holding it down?

Also dont forget if Fifita is defending you and you are doing a hitup with Josh Jackson (hypothetically) you wont smash through Fifi.
Holding it down?

Nah Ive been clicking it.

Ok will give holding it down a go.

I wanna get home and try out some drills and DL some more sides from the Fanhub. I hope there's an old 80's Eels side ready to go but I dont think there is. I tried searching "Sterling" and nothing came up.
Get home early and spend 15 mins reading the book.

This goes for everyone.
Maloney just put a bomb up against me and it hit the upright and they re gathered it, was really cool. Currently they are beating me 24-4 at half time, this is round 1 also. Reminiscent of what happened this year in real life.
(09-10-2015, 12:18 PM)BRAB Wrote: The game should still be functional within the means of your controls though.

If the game plays like shit because you throw 3 cut out passes then it's broken.

Stuff like the ball going straight up in the air after an in air collision is inexcusable.

Try throwing three cut out passes blind in the real game and see how many yards you make.

Bugs happen, the ball going up in the air will be looked at in the same way it happens in Madden, FIFA, etc. Google Madden Glitch, FIFA Glitch, etc...

Inexcusable is a word that is not appropriate in the context of a very playable game.

Big Ant Studios store at
(09-10-2015, 12:02 PM)ak47 Wrote: It's all about the sticks. In defense also. Focus on the sticks like DBC and u start dragging them Backwards, dominating the ruck, hold down the stick for hitups, eventually u own the momentum and the AI tires and just like league, territory and possession dominance will jag the wins.

Use the drag tackle and hold down a face button when they hit the ground to slow ruck,rinse and repeat

So true man.
The use of the analog sticks is so refreshing and makes the game imo.

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