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Trophies Bugged
Still don't know what trophy list is,keeps saying synciing with server every time I check trophies and no trophy list.Just want to know what trophies to aim for.Am liking the game so far.
Yes the trophy list does not appear for me either
I made a list of the achievements/trophies not too long ago.. Should help
I earned the trophy go the distance and the trophy list is still not in my trophy library
All good for Xbox One
Thanks heaps for the list mate,every time I look at my trophies it says synching with PlayStation network.At least I know what trophies now
I earned a second trophy and I pressed the ps button and I get

"An error has occurred (WS-37073-0)"
This is probably due to Sony expecting it to go live tomorrow, I expect it will sync properly then.

Big Ant Studios store at
Thought that might be the case, no real concern to me but thanks Ross. Smile
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I managed to fix my problem by synching trophies through my ps3

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