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23 hours away
Close, I'm on Gold COast
Fugg that, im not driving to GC lol
why not? just 45mins away. You can also drop by the beach aswell, perfect weather today
(09-09-2015, 11:53 AM)LukeMahoney Wrote: ONE DAY LADS! It'll be ok! Let nz have their fun, they deserve it.
Set your clocks back a day so it looks like it came out early.
OD on NyQuil wake up ready to play.
Play FIFA 16 demo.
Sit in a corner and cry and curse everyone on NZ.
Harass every worker in a gaming store!
Smash the windows in your nearest Baskin Robbins!!!!
We've waited 2 years boys this is nothing

Easy for you to saySmile Was informed by Might APE AU that I should receive my copy in 10-14 days to the U.S.. When the latest Mighty APE NZ has sent a game to arrive was only 2 days after release date, but most of them I received on time or 1 day earlier.
But enjoy your game. While I scramble to download game some how through PS4 store hopefully, hell no waiting 2 weeks!!!Wink

Cheers and Salud
Currently waiting for the patch to download Smile

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