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Beau Ryan Scandal.....?

Another story which may or may not be bullshit.

I believe I read somewhere on the forums that Jhack managed the NRL infinite page, I may be wrong but nevertheless.
Beau Ryan is one of my least favourite people in the game and he seems like the type to do this kind of thing.

Fuck Beau Ryan.

I don't mind him too much, the story sounds more legit than the Gallen one though.
"...Woman’s Day ran an interview with Warren Riley..."

Don't know who Warren Riley is, but he's had his cry and got his money... Move on.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
I think it's her boyfriend.
Yeah, the article states that Warren Riley is the Hi Five chicks boyfriend and that he found out about her having an affair with Beau Ryan when he went through her phone.

Beau Ryan allegedly has left the Footy Show in an attempt to save his marriage. I hope this is his TV career done forever and that he's packing meat in a factory in North Wollongong somewhere.

The least funniest man on television. Terrible.
Beau Knows Adultery
Beau knows how to high five
I don't think this sort of thing is any of the public's business.
Hands up if you've held the NRL trophy... o/
Looks like Beau Ryan is gooooonnnnneeeee!!!!!!

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