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Lacrosse Backer Feedback
Got into the beta, let me know if you want feedback.
My xbox controller won't work in the menu.

I can't try the "checks and dodges" sandbox because I can't go past the window which explains the rules by hitting any key (and the xbox controller doesn't work). I can though, on the other hand, to the "passing and shooting" sandbox.

A really nice thing I've noticed is how the shooting is implemented. I mean the way you can wind up a shot and decide to let it rip (by pushing the stick up) or not (by not doing anything else), but you're still crow stepping.

I would recommend using similar controls as in the EA Fifa games. For example, in Fifa games, the right trigger has always been sprint, A pass, B shoot, etc. I don't know if there's Fifa players that will play this game (like me), but if they do, having similar controls will pave the way for them to do so. I can be extremely frustrating if all the actions are on different buttons (it's happening to me).

Keep up the good work!
(12-27-2015, 10:30 AM)RipTwine Wrote: Not a single one of the features work for me. When i try to play either of the practice modes it just immediatly gets stuck on the loading screen and the only way for me to leave that screen is to close the whole game. Hoping an update will change this.

I am still having the same issue. I was asked to upload a .zip file from my computer of the game, and finally was able to get it done today. Since others are not having this issue, I am beginning to wonder if it is the fact that I am running Windows 10?
Its' awesome but I wish there is computer key
also I'm korean but there is korean team too. Iwish there is a Korean NationalityHeart
Probably a dumb question, but can this game be played with a keyboard/mouse? I was trying to play a game today and it only asks for controllers to set up.
Sorry, controller only.

Big Ant Studios store at
That's what I needed to know. Thanks.

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