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Lacrosse Backer Feedback
(09-28-2015, 02:18 PM)tedwards Wrote: If someone can tell me how to turn something up to make this better, that'd be dandy.
There's some basic graphics settings in the Lacrosse Academy > Settings > General Settings menu - trying a lower resolution or lower texture quality might improve things.

If you're feeling adventurous, there's a few more advanced settings in the config.ini file, located in "Documents\My Games\Lacrosse".
Became a backer today and tried out the academy sandbox, however I have no idea about lacrosse the sport at the moment.
The only feedback I can give for now is that there probably needs to be some way to block players running through the goal itself (especially from the back) as I assume this would not be a logical tactic in the sport itself. Anyway I am sure you already have this covered.
Looks good like DBC and RLL, look forward to further updates/releases and learning more about this sport!
As said before:

Lots of lag when in sandbox.

My thoughts:

There's not a lot of nuance in controls. I'm not expecting a AAA title amount of control, but more than just pass and shoot would be nice.

Animations aren't great. Players are blocky, textures are low, etc...

Just runs on 32-bit, not allowing for better RAM usage.

These are just first impressions. I'll add to this post as other things come.

My hardware profile:
After playing the new Dodging and Checking portion of the game, here are my new thoughts.

The dodging and checking modifiers are nice to have.
The poke check is too strong, rarely misses and is easily spammed.
Dodging your defender is difficult, they never bite on fakes.
The bull dodge is too strong and works nearly every time.
The defender plays too closely on the man with the ball. In a real life situation the defender would back off when the ball is past the box line.
The game still needs a sprint button to help recover a missed check and to accelerate out of a dodge.
I think body checks are in a good spot right now. Not too easy but not too hard either.
How will penalties come into play, because it's really silly how the offense can shoot in the goal in the crease.
Have been playing the Checks/Dodge Sandbox.

Not very knowledgeable about the sport itself, so hard for me to give real constructive feedback.
But without knowing much about the sport I am having a lot of fun.

Shoulder charging when in offence with LB + R feels soo good, the contact is amazing. Feels like it could be RLL3 with some of the contact in offence and defence. Really fun.

Also the animations for everything look really nice, on top of the already great looking engine. Love it.

EDIT: Oh one small piece of feedback. When pausing in the Checks/Dodge sandbox it says "Resume Passing Sandbox".
an ok game could be a little bit faster but overall good game
I think everything looks great however I would liked to see more in depth controls for different shots such as certain controls for btb, dive shot, underhand etc. I understand it's still early in testing but having those options would be a big step forward.
Here is some quick feedback so far:

1. Playing on a beast of gaming system and no problem at all with graphics and zero lag detected thus far.
2. Playing in the 1-vs-1 sandbox, I ended up just focusing on defense and had one round go for about 30 mins until I just quit. Meaning I was able to completely shut down the offensive player by spamming checks and using lock on.
3. On offensive, I can't seem to create any separation at all. It seems the defender is too locked on which is unrealistic. Defenders will not come up that close when they are far out from the goal.
4. Also I can't get any real visible dodges going. It is like the split dodge button does nothing.
5. Originally I tried using a Logitech gaming controller but ended up ditching it for an XBox One controller. Things are much better now except for a couple things:
- First, it seems like there is too much holding multiple buttons down. With so few controls, there should be dedicated buttons without multi-functional "hold this down to activate this" type stuff going on.
- Second, need to make better use of the primary buttons. The triggers and top L and R should probably only be for less important secondary stuff.
- Third, Shots really need a button as opposed to just flicking a joystick. It would be OK to use the joystick to aim and wind up, but I want something solid feeling when I decide to pull the trigger.

So far really enjoying it and looking forward to new updates. On the subject of updates, it would be really nice to choose just offense of defense in the sandbox as opposed to constantly alternating.
Agree with everything said above. 'Lock on' shouldn't be a thing, LT should work the same way on defense as it does on offense where your player gets in an athletic stance. Throwing poke checks should slow your player down that way the offensive player can just out run the person if they're spamming the poke check button. This will make it more skill based so you have to time the check like in nhl. It's unrealistic to be able to just spam the button and take the ball away every time.
The defenders lock on way too much on defense making it feel unrealistic. They are with you move for move and aren't phased by anything. This is how it should be for the hardest difficulty but not on normal. The Defenders feel like they have no sense of the game, they follow you step for step wherever you go and play way too far out. Defense should seriously be set up like it is in FIFA with regards to using 'LT' and how the defenders play defense.

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