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Lacrosse Backer Feedback
Thanks for the feedback! Very much appreciated. Smile
This sandbox is really nice. I installed the program to allow ps4 controllers to be used and tried it out. The graphics are a little choppy but that is to be expected this early on. I know they will be taken care of as this sandbox is focusing on passing, shooting, and movement. All of the above is very fluid. I played the sandbox for about 10 minutes to try things out. I like the progress that this game is making. I like where this game is heading and can't wait to see the results. At the same time, I can wait because I know a quality game will be the outcome. Great progress and looking to the next installments to the sandbox.[/size][/font]
From a quick play of the sandbox, here are some of my thoughts.

The movement right now is generally good for the game being where it's at right now, but there are a few things I don't like. The teammates have decent positioning, but from time to time they would run past the end line trying to catch a pass, reseting the ball to the box line. Passes shouldn't cause them to run out of bounds and the AI should be telling them to try to stay in bounds so they don't lose possesion. Another thing I wasn't a fan of is how easily you can step into the crease when shooting or just moving behind the cage. This could be a problem when we get full games and our players have no regard for the crease and will cause a lot of turnovers. I'm sure something can be added similar to how in NHL you can't easily skate into the crease (you tend to bounce off or just get slid to the side). Lastly for movement, cutting and dodging happens too easily and too often for my taste. When I move the stick to try to change directions at full speed, there are times where I don't want to cut, but it feels like the slightest movement causes a huge juke and slows me down quite a bit.

Like others have said, shots are too hard and too accurate. The quick shots using the stick should be for shots near/rolling the crease. Right now, I can send a behind the back bomb from the box line on a rope and hit a corner on every shot. Shots like this shouldn't even make it to the net. There should be a way to control what type of shot you are trying to take. When I push the stick up, sometimes it's a dive shot, sometimes it's behind the back, sometimes it's a jump shot. It is nice to have the variety, but more control over what you are doing would be really nice. The B button (on xBox controllers) should be for time and room shots, and we should be able to hold it and really load up into a shot. Lastly, I think being able to pick spots where you want to shoot would be huge for this game. There are times where a bounce shot or low shot is better than shooting for the roof, but right now I am just not able to pick which spot to hit.

Passing is the best mechanic right now in my opinion. They feel good and feel pretty realistic as far as speed goes, and in a game, passing accuracy shouldn't be realistic. Missing passes in real life happens; in a video game, it takes away from the fun. I like where the passing is at right now, but the issue with teammates running out of bounds to catch a pass needs to be addressed.

Overall, this is a great start. I am really having fun with all of the things I can play around with here. Other things like stick control and more specialized dodging will be added later I'm sure, but this is a really nice foundation and I can see this being a really fun game.

Some quick edits here:

I think there should be a sprint button, with a stamina rating for the players that determines how long you are able to sprint for.
There should be a movement modifier for dodging/cutting (hold RB and move the stick to dodge, with different movements being different dodges) rather than just stick movement being the dodging.
Stick modifier to change how you will shoot, pass, or just tap to change hands to set up an offhand shot/pass/dodge (maybe later it can change how you throw stick checks).
The controlled movement to set up dodges looks really nice.
There are some sound issues that I'm sure will be fixed later (no footstep sounds, no sound when the ball hits the back wall, no sound for the ball rolling in the grass, among others, and the most glaring one for me: no music).
The dodge animations look nice, but there is no variety, just split dodges. They should at least switch hands with the stick when they cut.
The lighting on the field looks really good and the shadows are really nice, but the shadows change direction when you cut in areas with light.
Trying to pass over the net can be a bit wonky sometimes.
I like the game and are excited about the release of it. but i feel it should be smoother it is vary laggy, and there should be controls for different moves
occasionally my game will freeze requiring me to exit but other than that very smooth gameplay. Music would be highly appreciated as well as sound effects I.E. players calling for a pass, the ball hitting the pipes, ball hitting other objects,
Just curious but wasn't this game originally called Lacrosse 15? Just noticed all the email updates say Lacrosse 16.

Also what's with the Test Team and new fundraising/backer perks? Is this for people who didn't back it back in 2014 or is it additional/new perks? I can't even tell what perk I originally picked or what I get for said perk.
It was called Lacrosse15 because we hoped to get it out earlier, it's Lacrosse16 to make it not sound old as we enter 2016.

There aren't any additional perks, the "Test Team" is merely for people that didn't back the first time around.

If you get in contact with Carlo of Crosse I am sure he'd be able to let you know what your original level of backing was.

Big Ant Studios store at
Anyways, the game is lagging a bunch for me, but this is going in the right direction. I love how there are so many features for player customization; however, my accessories and tattooes tab is locked. Can someone inform me how to unlock it?
If it is anything like the Rugby League Player creator (I'd bet it is)... the Accessories and Tattoos tab will be unlocked later on. With the Rugby League one it was mainly about player creation and then the additional extras unlocked later in the process.
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I'm playing on a Surface Pro 3 with i5 128gb. The game is extremely jumpy for me, but I have a feeling that is caused by this not being a gaming PC. If someone can tell me how to turn something up to make this better, that'd be dandy.

Movements of players are great, no skating along the field, and the changes of direction are nicely done. When running as close as I could get to a "Finalizer", I really appreciated the player sunk down and bent their knees further with a sharp change of direction. This is especially good when running north/south dodges, as a slight change of the running angle caused the player to shift their weight naturally.
I like that the 3 players operate on a string, as it sets up some nice passing. Variations on this would be cool (cuts or picks) but I think it is fun the way it is too. Players are running through the crease a lot though, so I think that if there could be an animation that makes them avoid the crease or at least look like they are skirting the line a little more, it would feel very realistic. I also liked being able to square up for dodging, as that looked much more real than I was expecting.
I thought the grass looked fantastic, and the shadows were great too (even if my computer was running it all slowly). Much like fifa, that was a detail that made this feel more professional.

Passing is good, I think I like it mapped to both the right trigger and the A button, but I felt that the players needed to be able to move the ball a little faster. Quick passes (and the ability to BTB pass) would make this very very fun cause it would feel like backyard lacrosse a little more. When I passed with A, the passes seemed to be coming from the hip though, not with the hands up like it did when I hit R trigger. I think I'd appreciate the hands going up, rather than it coming from the side when the players are running.

Shooting needed some work for me, and I saw another post that said they'd like to be able to just go pick up the ball rather than restarting every time. I think that would be great, and also save on stress for the computers to just keep it running. Understandably, there needs to be a difference in notification of a shot going in or a shot bouncing out (and the resetting is a good way to let you know that the shot went in) but it might not be so necessary for the sandbox. Just a thought that maybe the adjacent players do an animated celebration (fist in the air or just a jog to their original positions) to signal a goal in the sandbox rather than everyone standing around (as that feels a little like college lacrosse 12). (Parenthesis).

Player creation is awesome, and I would say that you don't have to change a thing. Though the hair looks funky, I thought it was robust enough to satisfy those players who want extreme customization and simple enough that people who wanted to try wouldn't be afraid of the thousands of options.

I think some strong features to add are
1. Sprint button, that way players could separate setting up a dodge with an explosive speed change.
2. For lack of a better term, Left Bumper in Fifa 14/15. It causes a player to stop up and make a more controlled movement, like a change of direction to cause separation. This would be especially effective for dodging from X, as it would let the player break down, pivot, and go quickly. It removes the need for the player to hit the change of direction perfectly by moving the control stick to the exact opposite side. Kind of like the resetting of a player for the next move, it would work well for dodging I think.
3. I want to see what players look like when cradling one handed, switching hands when its appropriate (or commanded by the controller might be simpler to code), and use the stick animations in passing and shooting, putting it up rather than from the hip. Just some general stick movement. I think cradling on the run and when standing is fantastic as it is, it really moves with the player and gives a sense of the pace he's moving at. If you wanted to get crazy, then some dangling might be a lot of fun to play with (though I can undertstand how complicated it is. I think it's just a nice stepping tone to setting up animated dodges for the people who want to test more as it comes out.

Really nicely done. I appreciate the hard work, this is a professional piece of gaming in the making.

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