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Great work BigRedAnt but #Commentary
What did he ever do to you? I'm telling on you now. "Muuuuuuuuuum!"
One of the dastardly Queensland villains and he always looked angry. He had constant angry face like Jamie Soward does.
Lol. A bit like klemmer. Angry on the the field and a softy off it.
(08-29-2015, 12:29 AM)ET1980 Wrote: Not going to lie propey will turn off Commentary on this same with DBC14 just to annoying and robtic.Can't beat the sound of a summer's day with Bat on Ball.
May as well get sound files from ARL 96 have Rab's do it lol 4000 lines on there Big Grin

SOR -side line comment's should be By Reg Reagan Tongue

Paul Vautin's comments from that game were hilarious!!

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