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Paul Gallen MUST READ
(08-27-2015, 09:13 PM)Grizzly Yeti Wrote:

Well this isn't good for GAll, very disappointed.
For those who may be unaware (Don't know if I've mentioned it here before) but I collect autographs myself as an adult. Not so much Rugby League players but I do like to get things signed by Hyundai A-League marquee players if they're a big enough deal. I usually like to get film stars, TV stars or voice actors and have them sign film posters or collectibles. It's a lot of fun and if you're into it in the least I'd encourage you to hit the convention circuit.

ANYWAY, as someone who does this stuff occasionally as a hobby I can't take this story as reality. Do I think Gallen may have rejected an autograph request? Yes. Could he have been classed as rude? Perhaps. Do I believe that he swore at a youngster and then threw a magazine at him? No. Certainly not.

Here is what likely happened in my opinion:

Father and kids waited around after the game. Kids were excited to meet Gallen and probably waited around an hour. Gallen came out, was asked to sign and he said no probably in a rude manner. The kids were disappointed, father was disappointed.

"Hey Gal, you're a dickhead" I believe happened. The kid was probably angry that he got the blow off as was dad. I imagine Gallen probably was angry when hero father had to go and make a scene about it. What type of father allows their 10 year old to use words like that anyway let alone insult strangers?

For the father to get the story into the media he needed to fabricate things a little bit. Claiming Gallen swore is one word against another and cannot be proven or unproven but it's pivotal to the story. Without it the father looks like the bad guy whilst if Gallen swore suddenly dad is a good guy looking out for his kid.

Regardless, I've been in situations like that before. I waited with about 25-30 other fans for Alessandro Del Piero in 2012 and he took a back entrance. This happened probably 4-5 times and I finally got him at WIN Stadium in Wollongong 2 years later when he signed at least 200 autographs for an entire grandstand of people. I told my Brad Fittler story here a few days ago as well where he wasn't friendly to me but I've seen videos of him signing 3-4 items for some people.

It just comes down to approach in my mind. I've never been rejected an autograph but I've seen it happen. It's usually little kids or their parents shoving items in someones face and not being polite at all. I'm sure a "Mr. Gallen, my son here is a huge fan of yours and would really like you to sign his magazine." would have lead to it being signed. Instead hero dad has tried to anger/embarrass/insult Gallen whilst little one is being praised for using words like "dickhead".
Bit convenient that Gallen's accuser hasn't been named, even more convenient it was a "friend" of the "writer".
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Gallens side(repost)
E-Mails have been posted

Quote:From: Renee

Date: 9 August 2015 6:20pm

Subjectear Mr Gorman ,Dear Mr Gorman ,

I wanted to Thank You for making yesterday's game at your stadium so child friendly. My son has a wonderful father who worked from 3.30am to 12pm in Sydney then only to come back up to the Central Coast to pick up our son and 2 of his friends and take them back down to Sydney to watch the fantastic game.

Our son is a complete fan of the sharks and always has been.

He has been to the training and open days you have held and countless games but I regret to tell you about my sons treatment yesterday by Paul Gallon (sic) (WAS his hero).

Please speak to your coach as he is a witness to this disgusting behaviour Paul did to my son and his friends.

My husband stood outside in the freezing cold after the game with the 3 boys for over 1/1/2 hours waiting to catch Paul Gallon (sic) for a signature for our son on a magazine and footy card (as each time we haven't yet got his signature for the whole season ) only to have Paul put pen to his magazine and stand there and say to three 10 year old boys "f##k this I haven't got time for this s***!" He stormed off without signing anything and to Shane Flannigans (sic) credit , immediately tried to rectify the situation by signing the boys things, posing for a photo, apologizing and then graciously offering the boys to post their things down to get Paul to sign but unfortunately the damage had been done.

Maybe Paul was busy maybe he doesn't like fans, maybe he was having a bad moment BUT these boys don't need to hear that language and be treated so badly!

Mr Gallon (sic) should be reminded that children are a major part of there fan base and as their parents are the ones who pay for their sharks clothes , bedding and pretty much anything that has your logo on it.

******* and his friends were so hurt and upset by what he said to them and frankly so are we.

Your coach was nice enough to offer for us to sign his magazine /card if we send it down to him and my son used his manners the whole time and said "no thank you".

If only Paul knew what a spirit he was breaking and a really bad week these poor boys have had , maybe if he was reminded by you he might think twice about treating children this way.

I would greatly appreciate if you could give me a call just so I know you actually got this message.

My number is *********** or ********** we both work long hours but leave a message and we will endeavor to call you back in our lunch breaks. Thank you


The first of the emails exchanged between Renee and Gorman

Gorman’s reply
Gorman’s replySource: Supplied
Renee’s email
Renee’s emailSource: Supplied
From Lyall Gorman
Date: 10 August 2015, 5:26pm AEST
Subject: RE Dear Mr Gorman
Hi Renee,

I have received your message. Let me speak with our Coach first thing this morning and get back to you asap.

Many thanks


Gorman told Renee he would discuss the matter with Flannagan
Gorman told Renee he would discuss the matter with FlannaganSource: Supplied
From Renee
Date: 14 August 2015, 2:11pm AEST
Subject: Could you please contact me
Dear Mr Gorman,

It has been 5 days since you have received my very upsetting email. You responded that you would get back to me ASAP. But it is now Friday.

I really do hope you have had a chance to speak to the coach and confirm our experience with your Captain Paul Gallen.

Can you please ring me today?

From Lyall Gorman
Date: 14 August 2015, 5:29pm AEST
Subject: RE Could you please contact me
I have indeed Renee. Unfortunately I have had my own personal challenges with my Dad this week and have had to attend and support in that regard. Why don't you come in and have a coffee at some stage so we can chat face to face.

Here's to a great weekend and a Sharks win on Monday night


Another email from Renee to Gorman
Another email from Renee to GormanSource: Supplied
From Renee
Date: 16 August 2015, 8:56pm AEST
Subject: Paul Gallen behaviour
Dear Mr Gorman,

I am extremely sorry for your loss of your father. Losing your loved one and no doubt your role model is truly heartbreaking.

And I can certainly sympathize and understand why you were unable to get back to me during the week.

So when you are back on your feet I do expect you to address this disgusting behavior and poor attitude that Paul Gallen has towards children and fans.

Whilst I do appreciate your offer for coffee it is completely impractical as I have told you that we live on the central coast 2 hours away.

I assume that you are aware that Shane Flannigan was witness to Paul's treatment of my son and his friends.

The last thing I would wish for is my son to be any more heartbroken by Paul again.

I truly hope you have portrayed to Paul the seriousness of his actions and how he has to improve as he is the public face of your club.

I look forward to his and your response as soon as possible .

Thank you


From Lyall Gorman
Date: 17 August 2015, 4:15am AEST
Subject: RE Paul Gallen behaviour
Thanks Renee. We have taken the necessary steps to address the matter you have outlined internally and please be assured that we take any such matter very seriously. My sincere apologies to you and your family for the way you feel.

Best regards


So here is what has happened:

The first incident allegedly happened where Gallen didn't sign, said he didn't have time and swore. The kids and father were disappointed and told the mother (Renee) who sent an E-Mail to the club and complained. Renee was upset that Gallen used foul language in front of her child and that he didn't sign an autograph. Fair enough.

E-Mail exchange is the Sharks represenative profusely apologising before offering that Renee comes in for a coffee to discuss the situation face to face. This would have likely lead to the Sharks rectifying the situation on the spot and probably giving more to the family in question (Merchandise, Autographs, etc etc)

Renee says no because she lives on the Central Coast and the Sharks representative says that the Sharks have dealt with the situation internally and that she once again is sorry that her and her family were allegedly mistreated.

Situation done, right? Wrong. A few days after the Sharks play another home game where the kid decides to swear at Gallen (Something his mum was adamantly against) with good old dad encouraging it and actually making it happen. Odds are the kid gets nervous and doesn't hand the card to Gallen. Regardless, the father gets into an argument with Paul Gallen in front of his kid.

So in closing this family seem to be a bunch of troublemakers. The Sharks said everything was dealt with and apologised countless times and the kid should have been told that. The father should be smart enough to just keep away from a situation like that.

Dad obviously isn't very bright and the mother comes across as a bit slow in her E-Mails as well. The kid being encouraged for his bad behaviour isn't a good sign either.

If it were me I wouldn't have even wrote a complaint letter. People LOVE to complain in 2015 I don't understand why.
Yes very true. Everyone's quick to jump to racism, homophobic and offencive gestures in general allegations. Mostly just to gain attention or make people feel sympathetic towards them.

"Oh he pointed at me, that's homophobic"
-little fuc*ing timmy
I was having a discussion with an acquaintance of mine the other day. She referred to someone as "black man" and we had a discussion on whether or not that was racist.

I didn't think so, she didn't think so. Other friends/acquaintances viewed it as racist. Meanwhile "White man" was not considered racist or offensive.

Feminists are the worst though. "He checked me out! STOP OBJECTIFYING ME!"
(08-29-2015, 05:47 PM)SOR Wrote: Feminists are the worst though. "He checked me out! STOP OBJECTIFYING ME!"

On the news site here, two articles one above each other.
First picture was a woman working as nude dinner platter type of thing, people would eat their food off her. Think the movie 'Sushi Girl' and you get the idea

Picture below it was the All Blacks modelling underwear.

First article was 'outraged' at objectifying women, while second article was all drooling pretty much.
Now how is that right? Both the woman and the All Blacks have a right to get paid to show off their bods. If they didn't like it, they wouldn't do it!
We're at the point with some women that it's harassment to even flirt with a woman. A lot of guys like myself who grew up in this "feminism era" are afraid to openly flirt with a woman out of fear of being labelled a creep or being accused of harassment.

We're pretty much at the stage now where you have to befriend the woman first and casually hint that you're into her. Then if she responds positively you can flirt a little bit until it eventually leads somewhere.

I remember a couple years back I was working for a marketing company and we'd try and sell things on the street to people. I was in Mount Druitt (I know...I know) and was sales pitching this middle aged Asian lady when this old dude comes up to me and accuses me of "sexually harassing" her. As some of you on this board may know I speak my mind so I told him to mind his own business and he made some comment about "You're not from around here are you?" and raised his fists at me. At this point my supervisor came rushing over and smoothed out the situation.

That's modern feminism for you. You can't even talk to a woman randomly anymore without people thinking you're a creep that is trying to bang.
Fuck I hate feminists.

There was a video I saw not long ago about a woman who just destroyed feminism. Wish I kept the link.

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