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What are your Expectations?
Rll2 was a very fun game, saying this, there was quite a few things voiced by this community that Rll3 needed. Some of those seem to have been met but others are still questions. New play calling seemed to have been very high on the list and it seems to have not made into this game , if I am not mistaken. But other things like Dynamic tackling have been added. So the verdict will be out after a couple weeks of play.
All I want is control of my footy team.

If want to kick early in set can I get my playmaker in position?

In RLL you could but i found RRL2 more restricting in this area, and having 2 playmakers didn't work so well, they were barely there when I wanted em; they just lumbered around the field, usually a long way from the ruck.

I like to run my whole show through my playmaker, from simple first receiver pass to forward hit up to magic ball out wide. I want him to be the one kicking and on hand when I need him.

I'm ecstatic those shitty intercepts, outercepts and impossicepts look like they're gone but manual intercepts are there, which I like.

Hope the AI is satisfactory with players knowing what a sideline is.

Very much looking forward to the game, hope Big Ant delivers this time.
Somewhere in the region of 1000 career games and 1000+ online matches like i did on Rll2 Smile
King Wally your the Emperor of Lang Park yet you support the Leeds Rhinos?
Im showing my age Smile wally was the best when i was a teenager in the 80s, ET, cliffy lyons, peter tunks, fullerton smith all played at leeds who i happen to be a life long fan of, thank god my dad was too or i'dve been a dewsbury fan Smile
Well seeing from the footage seem's like they still need to iron out some small thing's (something's look like RLL2)but other thing's like Ball phyic's etc look awsome Hopefully not rushed out maybe some more work on it!!! If this if final version little worryed
up up cronulla

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