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There's a complete stadium list knocking around somewhere. Thinking about it, I don't think Wembley is on there. Would be a shame if the challenge cup isn't on - might be a licensing issue perhaps? Ross are you able to confirm?
I'm going to get there before 1pm, since GAME only has two consoles (PS4 & Xbox One), but the pads are usually broken. GAME at Wigan is crap. I'll try to get on it, but I don't think I can look around the menus for too long as I'll probably get kicked off after one game. Probably gonna be a big que. I'll try my best to get details, but don't expect too much.

Looking forward too it. I'll create a thread after I've had a game and give you my review.
Wembley isn't in the game - licensing issues.

Big Ant Studios store at
say like 1billion to get that lol
up up cronulla
(08-27-2015, 11:15 PM)Ross Wrote: Wembley isn't in the game - licensing issues.

But the CC is on this time? Can't remember if this was confirmed previously

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