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Best British Imports into the NRL
Apologies for spelling in advance Wink

Ellery Hanley, Andy Currier, Martin Offiah, Gary Connelly, Adrian Morley, Sam Burgess, George Burgess, Denis Betts.

Ellery Hanley - such a great player at 5/8, Centre, or Lock. The Wally Lewis of English Football. Sort of a combination of Lewis, Meninga, and Clyde. Such quality, and apparently according to blocker had a good truncheon.

Andy Currier - Really good Centre, underatted in my opinion.

Martin Offiah - probably didn't reach the heights expected of him when playing in the Australian league, but didn't really get the opportunities that would have seen him blow apart the opposition. If only he could tackle ....

Gary Connelly - Loved this bloke. As a young fullback he was awesome for the English league. Faster than many gave credit for, solid defence, and could sniff out a try. Moved the Centre for his Australian stint, played well. I always thought he was a cross between Renouf and Ettingshausen with a bit more aggression thrown in.

Adrian Morely - nuff said.

Sam Burgess - freak. Big ego, but can back it up with skills and aggression. Puts bums in seats and you would pay money to see this guy play. Lets hope he comes back to league eh.

George Burgess - Solid unit that is always going forward, making tackles, has a big ticker and is consistently playing at a high level week in week out. In my Fantasy teams these days as he gets the job done. Not as skilful as Lazurus, but has that same go forward consistency that every quality prop needs.

Dennis Betts - the Bradley clyde of the English game. Skillfull backrower who was a complete package and proved himself in every league he played in. Was part of one of the best English packs of all time, and when playing for Auckland had a few old Wigan team mates to keep him from getting home sick.

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