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RLL3 Tournament AU/NZ group Pc (steam Group)
Gday This is for us Au/Nz player's that i will host and have a teamspeak set up for after matche's score's and checking relpay's even watching game's

First of all we need 16 team's.
1.illegal tackle's will be reviewed by me ( Player's will get sent to side line for one game!) Depend's on how bad it is.

2.Will be about 12 round's plus Finals Week 1 then semi finals and then Preliminary Final,and then the grand final. Also would like to add in the 9's during the 7th week

3.Day's of playing we can work that out as it come's would say Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Monday...Normal night's of league.

4.Team's have to be this year or last year.

5.Player transfer's are set and will be priced at end of first season $5.5 million and will get bonus for win's and win streak's.

6.Player's price's are as follow's

-lvl 50-69 - $120,000
-lvl 70-89 - $240,000
-lvl 90-100 - $1.1million

At the end of each season you can sell player's import player's from other club's.But if you go over the salary cap will lose 1 game due to breaches.Also can have 2x player's from 70's 80's and 90's and 2000's just because

7.And for the winner of the Grandfinal there will be a $20 steam cash your way and runner's up get's $20 as well. because it's Rugby league "the Greatest game of All"

8.Grand Final will have to be recored or sent to me so we can pick MVP
as a group.

9.Player's of the week will get a $15 steam cash for close game's and fair play & Try's of the week also

10.Have fun and i'm trying to keep this a Sim and sport'sman like as possiable.

Oh yeah English team's are more than welcome too

Tell me what ya think and anythink i could change Big Grin
up up cronulla
Great concept, you would be blowing off a lot of cash though, thats about $180 in the normal season and $100 in the finals series, That's roughly $280 a season, man you sure you wanna be the cashcow here? :p
lol well its over 12 round's man and gotta have fun man
up up cronulla
It wont last.... just going form experience trying these things with other games. No offence.
pes 2014/2015 is like this just stealing that shit from them
up up cronulla
Sounds good, I'll be keen on a pc comp regardless of cash prizes (if you're comfortable funding it go ahead of course) as long as its ran well and we have reliable players who turn up, me and a few guys here put a lot of time into rll2 comps when it came out only for them to die 2-3 rounds in with people just vanishing.

Long story short, pencil me in for the Knights and we can see what happens closer to the pc release.

Also shouldn't allow anyone who has the game on console too as its an unfair advantage (not serious of course, Iaintscarrrred)
Pencil me in for the Titans ET
I think ET just made an inappropriate joke in hindsight

I don't begrudge you reminding people either SOR, good intentions and all that
Cool will do guys so thats Knight's and titan's so far Big Grin

Smash me ya steam name's

God a joke!!!! geez that was like months ago.GET THE F OVER IT! stay to the subject or Piss off out of here

Also if you guy's have any other idea's to add like state of Orgin,Pom teams,Natioal game's would love to hear
up up cronulla
In one of your rules it says

"1.illegal tackle's will be reviewed by me ( Player's will get sent to side line for one game!) Depend's on how bad it is."

Does that mean each person has to record the game that they play in then post it up.

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