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RLL3 Screenshots ***Ruck***
Yeah you superLeague boy's funny bugger's and hard man had some great biff's over there when i was about 18/19 i supported Wigan because they had good team back in early 2000's But thanks man and Welcome
up up cronulla
Cheers mate.

Yeah, i think Wigan have big respect in OZ that has lasted over the years due to their dominance of the British game in the late 80's early 90's when they literally won everything going.Capped off with the win against the Broncos in 94 in Australia, and that was a superb Broncos team which Wigan managed to beat without several star names out injured.

Not been quite as dominant since but i agree the early 2000's side with Renouf,Dallas,Farrell,Connelly,Lam etc.. was good to watch.

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