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Well Emailed Tru Blu about PC ( I know)
I stayed at the Hilton in Tokyo earlier this year a very nice hotel
Will be staying there again in January 2016
Ross "the Boss" I would be more than happy to have you come mate!!!
would do a selction of chesse's some nice wine's good steak and a good Q&A with me and few of my staff member's (there DBC14) Fan's lol

Yes hour's are crap and the Money is good lucky my wife work's there too so she understand's and is a gamer as well (Sim's That is)
And bronco's i get 25% off any Hilton in the world Big Grin Usa was the best i've ever stayed at i tell ya Big Grin
up up cronulla
The Hilton chain only recently announced that they won't have adult channels in their pay-per-view system any more. Ironic considering how the Hilton family's most famous member shot to fame.
Yeah the USA one had like over 50 differnt channels lol i checked them all then got the bill afterwards (wife asked me later was like was just looking lol) $50 later was just browseing the channels and they charge for 1 sec look lol
up up cronulla

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