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BO3 Beta!
If anyone with a PS4 wants a beta token, i have a spare.

EDIT: The file size is 15 gb.
Is this taken yet?
Just went live for Xbox a few hours ago, but now one can redeem codes because treyarch are having problems. Luckily someone found a glitch to download it.
Just had a go and I'm so glad that it's, wait for it..............good. The jet pack thingy isn't over powered, running on walls is rare but fun when you get the chance. The movement is really balanced and doesn't let people fly all over the map like advanced warfare. This may be the best cod since black ops 2 which is saying something. Being that treyarch are producing the best games. I say "may" because I haven't seen everything yet, but first impressions are really satisfying. The menus are easy to navigate and are simple, they aren't too awkward if that makes sense. Guns feel really good also, they aren't too futuristic.

If any of you were on the fence of buying this game, I'd recommend it to any cod fan. I think there is an open beta this weekend for everyone so if you want to try it yourself.

8.5/10. This rating is for the beta alone. Because I haven't seen the whole game, it may vary but first impressions is very good.

I'm yet to see something I hate, but time will tell.
Yep, you said it all. The thrust movement system is balanced and everyone is grounded more in this game, compared to AW. I had no doubts Treyarch would deliver a more balanced multiplayer experience. The wall running, specialists and under water gun fights are also done well. Treyarch once again, showing iW and Sledgehammer how its done! Cant wait for zombies.

I hit a sweet sniper clip
I love the under water fights. It refreshing.Smile

Those sniper kills were absolute rape.

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