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What do you guys wanna see/know about RLL3
(08-18-2015, 11:47 PM)NRLHalfback02 Wrote:
(08-18-2015, 11:41 PM)JAW094 Wrote: Are 40/20's Achievable on the difficulty's?

C'mon they will be.

One thing I'd like to know is can you set players to wear a certain numbers like for what side they play on

You could do this in RLL2, when creating or editing a player you'd be given a choice of what number they wear, and then there was an option either in the main menu, or when starting a franchise to use automatic numbers or the assigned numbers. What would be nice is to have a back up player (or player returning from a lengthy injury) wearing something like jersey 19, as very rarely do players run out in the appropriate number straight away when just filling in, debuting or returning from injury.
(08-19-2015, 01:04 AM)Steeler Wrote: There are probably a few people who would like to know if you can get any info out of them about how long they will have to wait for the PC release as well.

Has anyone actually confirmed that the pc release is being delayed? Just curious as a lot of people seem to be assuming it.

On topic though, I'd like to know if loose-ball play is any better.
Don't know if anyone has asked but could you possibly see if the Challenge Cup is in? Also are the Stadiums from fanhub accurate as to what is included in the game?

Basically if these hurdles have not been overcome, its dead in the water for me.

AI just running straight lines all the time.
The clunky movement of players.

If they have been fixed, I hold out a small bit of hope.
oh yeah last one tell us what some of the achievements are Big Grin
up up cronulla
(08-19-2015, 04:37 AM)Swiftestblade Wrote: Has anyone actually confirmed that the pc release is being delayed? Just curious as a lot of people seem to be assuming it.

For the official release date announced PC is not in the list of platforms.
yeah gotta be like DBC14 3 month delay o_0
You think beeing build on Pc would be at release lol
up up cronulla
There is a lot in here for you to look at... its different for each person, if you like simulation then u will enjoy different things to the next person.

My advice....

I was lucky enough to go to the last one, I had a list of things to look for and found it quite hard and you end up not really enjoying it.

Go to the night, enjoy the pizza the game and the guys you are there with and then tell us your thoughts....
Well Mav can tell you one thing i'd test and thats not getting thrashed by Storm 30-2 lol
up up cronulla
It happens... move on.

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