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NFL - Jarryd Hayne
I was hooked on the NFL for most of my life, working with them for 5 years got that love of the sport out of my system so I now just have a very keen interest. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, they are the best athletes on the planet by a country mile.

If Hayne makes it then he will have certainly achieved something great.

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Another good day for Hayne.

I'm confident he'll make it. I have the utmost respect for someone who moves on and finds new challenges. Hayne could have made a million a year (Probably more by the time he retired) playing for the Eels and could have been the big fish in the pond but it wasn't challenging for him anymore and he chased his dream starting from the bottom and working his way up.

I get chills when I saw Hayne put the left foot step on the Cowboys player and when he palmed that guy in the face. When he was playing in the NRL, I wasn't his biggest fan being a Queenslander, but now I'm gonna halve to jump on the Hayne plane bandwagon.
And something which hasn't really been mentioned is that the cowboys had an Aussie punter who had a very ordinary game Undecided and Haynes first punt return was the first time ever for an Aussie to punt to another Aussie, I do believe he also made the tackle on Hayne when he made a break as the last line of defence too.
Didn't get a huge opportunity today but did complete a catch for a first down.

It's almost confirmed he'll make it really, it's just that the 49ers have a lot of RB depth, though if they cut him someone else will pick him up.
Yeah no doubt. If they cut him, some of the insuperior teams will swoop him up and he'll probably be a 3rd string running back.
Wouldn't be surprised if Jaguars make a trade for him, they will need someone like him to fill Maurice Jones Drews shoes but I don't think 49ers will trade him.
The thing I like most about the Hayne story is that absolutely nobody gave him a shot at making it over there. Australian media got behind him and figured he'd be in with a shot but the American people didn't give him any respect. Evidence was when he got off the plane and was met by like 3 journalists.

Now he's impressed everyone (Including NFL fans) and he's likely to make the side.
Yeah, americas media definitely ate their words.

It's funny, looking at the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, he's actually bigger and heavier than Hayne. Just goes to show how developed these NFL players are. Taking into consideration that he's 6'5 and Hayne is 6'1.

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