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Political-Type Stuff
SOR said...

"The thing I've noticed about the internet is that everybody is overly critical/sensitive in regards to everything.

Example 1: Tony Abbott has changed some law that most of the general public are unaffected by

General public response: "Eh"

Facebook response: "f*** da tony abbott he is no good son of beach always changing rules i want mah benefits c***"

Example 2: A popular media figure has said that people should stop talking about Caitlin Jenner and has referred to her as a him

General public response "That's not really cool but eh"

Facebook response "f*** that dumb dawg he think he can hate on ppl that are different f*** him that dopey c***

So of course with a movie/tv show/video game it's always "This looks shit! I don't want it!" and the focus is on negativity. Personally I didn't like the JT kick that ended the trailer but the rest of it looked great. I brought up my negative but also filled it with the things I did like. People should follow suit on Facebook."

BRAB said...

"Some more examples

"Ban halal da terroristz r cumin"

"Isis is goin 2 kill us"

"Asylum seekers shuld die stop dah boatz" "

SOR said...

"I agree with stopping the boats personally. Come to Australia legally or don't come at all.

The rest is just racist people or people who listen to the media way too much. I remember rumors circulating on Facebook that Halal Certification was funding terrorism. "

BRAB then said...

"It's not illegal to seek asylum in Australia though "

Steeler then added...

"No, but it is illegal to do it by paying people smugglers to try to sneak you over here by boat. "

AK47 chimed in with...

"its also illegal to bomb the fuck out of countries where these people are seeking asylum from."

SOR again...


And again, if you want to come then go through the legal avenues. The last thing we need is people coming over illegally and the taxpayer having to support people who will never be able to return the favour. "

Then Ruck moved it and they losed it.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
For the record, a refugee or asylum seeker is required to stop in the first safe place they reach after fleeing their country. They can then apply to migrate to places further away, like Australia. Many people have done this very thing and are sitting in refugee camps waiting for a position to open up for them here in Australia. We actually resettle more refugees per capita than any other country in the world. The people who come here by boat are illegal immigrants as they have passed through/by at least a dozen safe countries before trying to sneak into Australia.

I am in favour of taking in refugees. But I'm not in favour of people smuggling and illegal immigration.
I say no to refugees unless they speak the language and can work. I'd much rather my tax dollars going towards a University student who will one day be paying my mums retirement age pension compared to someone from Syria who doesn't speak English and can't/won't work.
SOR, that may be acceptable as a criteria for regular immigrants, but resettling refugees is about compassion.
(08-16-2015, 12:54 PM)roostersule2 Wrote: Politics is stupid.

There's no difference between the parties anyway, voting is moot.

Pure ignorance. Go away.

(08-16-2015, 03:48 PM)Steeler Wrote: SOR, that may be acceptable as a criteria for regular immigrants, but resettling refugees is about compassion.

If they can't contribute they shouldn't be here. Might be harsh but it's true.

I have to work to contribute and I want my tax money going towards retired Australians who worked to contribute before me or to the disabled or the ADF or the Police or whoever else needs it and not refugees who will never work or contribute.
I'm a strong believer in the "veil of ignorance" approach to politics. Its easy to hold viewa like yours when you know that you will never be the victim of their consequences.

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