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Trailer finally we get it
Yeah i'm a Wigan fan too
up up cronulla
Anyone seen how sandow is going? I heard he had a dreadful debut.
Improved second Game I heard... Sandow should come good.

Leeds gave Wigan a bit of a lesson.
Sandow has been ok, certainly seems to offer more than some of the other guys who have played in the halves for wire this year. I think it'll be unfair to judge him this year given the circumstances, and his debut was in a game where Leeds steamrollered Warrington, no half was gonna look good put on that much of a back foot Imo.
Leeds have a great back line at the minute,as good as i have ever seen in a UK team with Hardaker (who should be England FB infront of Tomkins) Briscoe,Hall and Watkins all young and internationals.All would go very well in the NRL but thankfully are tied down to us on long term deals Smile

Garry Connelly was a great player.We signed him for a season at Leeds when he was way past his prime and in his 30's but he was still able to perform at a great level and indeed won the Man of the Match in a losing side in the 2003 Challenge Cup final.

Has anybody had a go at doing any British Legends yet? I won't be accessing Fan Hub till i get the game but will focusing mainly on this side of things when i do.Some of the NRL legends look fantastic BTW.
What sort of coverage does SL get over there, is it on TV every week?

I dislike Wigan for a plethora of reasons, from arrogant fans (some of them) dirty players, salary cap cheating etc. But mostly that great ape Wane, I know a lot of Wigan fans don't buy into his constant siege mentality.

But hey I support Leeds...and as the song goes everyone hates Leeds.
Haven't looked into what old players have been made... definitely need a Hanley, Connolly and Offiah for my legends team... might have to get back into creating.

Coverage on Free to Air TV is non-existent with the exception of the World Club Challenge. Use to get some games late at night but nothing of late. Shame though... should be more of it shown over here.
I think itchy has made at least one of those (Hanley) as part of his old teams (Balmain).
Hopefully some one can make a good Ashton sims on the hub.
(08-20-2015, 06:30 PM)benrhino Wrote: But hey I support Leeds...and as the song goes everyone hates Leeds.

That's ok, we hate them too Big Grin

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