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General NRL interest TV deal fyi
So the Legislation is not just outdated but complicated and nonsensical for good measure! Tongue
Yes. It is two separate laws that cause problems when combined.

The first law was introduced to make sure that sporting events of national significance aren't lost to pay TV. It created the "Anti-Siphoning List". This is a list of sporting events that must be shown on a main free-to-air channel before they can be shown on pay TV (Foxtel) or on the digital multichannels (GEM, GO!, ONE, 7mate, etc). The law was introduced back when most people were still watching analogue television and couldn't see any of the digital multichannels.

The second law was introduced to control how the switchover from analogue to digital television would be handled. Each network was allowed one HD digital channel and two SD digital channels. Because it was possible that many people could have ended up switching to digital by only buying an SD set-top box, the law required the networks' main channels to remain SD. The switchover is now complete and most people have HD equipment, but none of the Rudd, Gillard or Abbott governments have shown any interest in modifying the law to reflect this. So we are stuck with GEM, One, 7mate, SBS HD and ABC News 24 as our high definition channels while Nine/WIN, Ten/Southern Cross and Seven/Prime languish in standard definition hell.
(08-10-2015, 03:47 PM)krypter Wrote: Channel nine means more fucking adds though -_-

Gives you time to get a drink or go to the toilet :d
IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Government approves primary channels for HD.
Good Find Steeler... that's great news. Big Grin
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
And long overdue. It could have been done two years ago.
the news corp journos today are acting like a bunch of kids that may not see santa in the coming years

dont listen to them. Dave Smith is doing very well buying time to see how the internet TV age progresses and use it as a bargaining chip.

We dont have to make a deal with Fox this month just because the AFL have. There is still 2 years until a deal needs to be made.

Kent, Ikin, wilson and Matty Johns and a bunch of others should all hang their heads in shame, they have prioritised their careers with the network before the good of the game.
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