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General NRL interest TV deal fyi
I'm not seeing any mention of whether or not the deal allows for expansion.
God I can't stand Hadley, watching him call games is like watching greyhound racing.
(08-10-2015, 10:39 AM)Yuna Wrote: meh, 3 yrs till 2018. That's a long wait. Jesus will be back by then and hopefully RLL3 will be out by then aswell.

I wouldn't put money on it.
9 need to Broadcast in hd than I'll be happy with them...all Australian sport should be free to air and live, we're a sport loving nation and it should be equitably accessible.I prefer fox sports, I've spent too much to be watching sd in my lounge room though
I never noticed the quality difference to be honest.
Channel nine means more fucking adds though -_-
(08-10-2015, 03:46 PM)Grizzly Yeti Wrote: I never noticed the quality difference to be honest.

I certainly do, I regularly watch fox broadcasting though which probably exacerbates it. I never cared until I had the comparison to make

Also it depends what you're watching on. The bigger the screen size the more 9s sd will bother you in my opinion anyway

(08-10-2015, 03:47 PM)krypter Wrote: Channel nine means more fucking adds though -_-

Definitely agree with that, live will cut it down but they'll still throw everything they can at you, naturally they don't earn subscription fees and have to make their money somewhere.

Would be good if it's simulcast so the consumer still has a choice between pay and free to air
(08-10-2015, 03:42 PM)davies11 Wrote: 9 need to Broadcast in hd than I'll be happy with them

The law is stopping them from doing that at the moment. One law says they have to show the NRL on their main channel (Nine, not GO! or GEM) while another law says that the main channel has to be in standard definition. These laws were put in place before the digital switchover and the Government hasn't gotten off it's arse to amend them yet.
I don't doubt what you're saying but they play live cricket tests in hd on their subsidiary channels when league is on and in Melbourn they broadcast league on GEM or go! So not sure if they're just blatantly broadcasting unlawfully?

Also gygell had said to the smh I think some time ago he was going to Broadcast in hd but he may not have consulted with staff about the legality of that beforehand?

Regardless it's definitely time for the legislation to be amended!
The Anti-Siphoning law only requires that NRL be broadcast on the main channel in Rugby League states and AFL be broadcast on the main channel in Aussie Rules states. They can be broadcast on the digital multichannels in each other's territories. The Cricket thing might be an exception allowed when two sports on the anti-siphoning list are played at the same time.

Nine actually uses HD equipment at NRL matches, so they are all set to broadcast in high definition. They just need to be allowed to do so. The only way they could do it now would be to simulcast on both Nine and GEM. But that would cause GEM to cannibalise Nine's ratings, which would cost the network a lot of money because GEM's advertising is much cheaper.

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