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Best player in the ESL?
Any further news over in Australia about Hock going to the Eels?

Seems to have gone quiet over here, could be due to Hock playing in the international tournament with England.

Hock has been cagey with the media, saying he's just concentrating on his rugby and will wait to see what happens.

Another rumour which has flared up here is that Willie Tonga may move to either Leeds or Wigan to free up cap space at the Eels allowing them to sign both Hock and Israel Folau.
Apparently the deal has collapsed and won't be happening. Hock likely to play for another ESL team.
Up the mighty Eels Exclamation Cool
Has anyone heard any info about Adam Blair? Rumours over here in UK that he's possibly signing for Wigan.

Must admit that I don't know too much about him, always impressed me when he played for the Storm and Kiwis but I understand that he had a poor first season with Wests.

Any opinions about Blair? Would he be a good signing for the Warriors?
Well for me...

Melbourne storm have somehow managed to make "new young / fresh players" look good off the back of Cronk, Slater & Smith. So when a player like George Rose goes there he'll look impressive as any other forward will there.

So what i'm saying is Blair looks good at Melbourne because of others around him whereas putting him at another club did him no favors. Don't get me wrong he is big, he is strong, he has great footwork & offload but sometimes appears lazy. If he stays at the tigers he's not going to get any better especially with Benji Marshall leaving, so going to the Super League should be good for him & the club he goes to as long as he takes the kind of work load he did at the Storm.
I think rob burrow is one the best players going round

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