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Vintage content?
Okay, thanks.
It's a bummer that tru blu couldn't or wouldn't get that stuff in to the game officially but for PC there's almost 80 logos we can replace without affecting official teams which is good! Just hope we can get some of the old audio files over
So the vintage emblems and jerseys from Rll2 definently wont be in the game. Is this correct.
What a shame I was looking forward to making an old school comps???
@Ross, for the next game can you please add something to the "to do list"?

Something similar to the Call of Duty emblem editor? With enough options, people could make not only classic logos, but also logos from the local comps.

The only issue would be people making penises. (facepalm)
People really make penis logos in 2015?
It would seem so, however that's more the COD audience but I wouldn't be surprised.
Look at Facebook... some of those people's only talent is to create penis logos via the imaginative misuse of emblem editing tools.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
(07-23-2015, 08:53 PM)SOR Wrote: People really make penis logos in 2015?

Humans always have drawn penises, humans always will draw penises. Don't expect them to stop. You can't change human nature.

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