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Auckland Nines confirmed for RLL3!
Thought it was appropriate to post a new thread for tonight's announcement that RLL3 is confirmed to be in the game. Here is the link to the video:
up up cronulla
Tackling looks very average
F##k yeah Auckland nines I really wanted this but didn't think we were going to get it at this point what a great effort BA looks awsome

Im too damn keen!
Is it just me or does the struggle system seems over hyped?
Will be interesting to see how the Storm and Tigers nines jerseys are done considering they both wore afl style jerseys.
So glad it's in the game but do agree that the tackling looked average from that video especially the front on one. That being said, we should wait until we actually play it to make a proper judgement.
So will this be the playable section released tomorrow (99% not), a full 9s game? Ross did say it was something that had to be written into the game.

And still idiots saying "this better be updated to 2016 or not worth it", morons!
(07-21-2015, 08:02 PM)Donto1910 Wrote: hat being said, we should wait until we actually play it to make a proper judgement.

lel, that's what we all said about RL, RL2, RL3, RLL1 and RLL2 and it turned out average. Well, RLL2 and RL3 turned out ok
Wow, judging from the amount of people who were asking for this there must be a lot of happy people today.

I look forward to making a Super League All Stars 9s team.

As for tacking, aside from the big hit by Tomkins (which I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt for the camera angle) I thought the other couple of examples in the video looked decent.

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