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NRL vs Super League
A lot of people slate Koukash, but I actually like him. Although he can be arrogant, stupid and bitter, he's passionate about the club and RL in general. He speaks his mind and tries his best to make the best happen.

Fair enough, sometimes it just doesn't work. If Salford truly are investing heavily into the youth system, then within 10-15 years, they should be strong contenders. One thing other chairmen do not have is the massive amount of money that Koukash has. He can invest into facilities and staff to make the Red Devils a super-power of Rugby League in England.

I think investing so heavily into big-name players was a hit-or-miss. If they bond, they'll make a great team and attract a lot of fans. If not, it's a big disappointment. It's turned out that way, for now. I like Salford, they deserve success and so the the chairman. Not many people of his stature in the world love Rugby so much. I love how he's reached out to countries in Serbia and Russia etc to expand the game; like Warrington did. All teams should work together to make the game grow. Serbia could be of France's calibre in a couple of years. They produce some great talent, according to Tony Smith, some are Championship level.

I can't wait to see how Salford develop as a club. Hopefully, they've be the next Wigan/Leeds/St Helens etc
Don't get it wrong, I also hope he can get Salford going well, not least for their long suffering fans. I take issue with his style though, especially some of his comments about players coaches etc when, after all, he has no background in the game. I believe that was Macs point, Koukash shouting and balling on social media etc is not putting his club or the game in a good light. (For what it's worth I used to think he made good points, but recently with the lack of sucess, they've devolved into whiney expletive filled rants).

Like I said, his money, and the fact he wants Salford to do well, can only be a good thing, but he needs to take a step back from the rugby side of things at let others do their job. A bit like Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders in his later years, if anyone follows the NFL.
Totally agree with you there Ben and Rhys. I think it is slowly but surely dawning on Koukash that you can't JUST buy top players and become a successful club. Things aren't ideal atm and they'll be more embarrassments and problems soon I think, but long term the future is bright.

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