Poll: Would you like to see Warren Smith and Greg Alexander be the commentators in a Rugby League game?
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Fox Sports Commentators for a future game?
Hi guys, I know a lot of people have been complaining about Andrew Voss and Phil Gould over the years but I'm actually a fan of Vossy, though I do agree the commentary in the rugby league series could use a bit of a fresh approach in the future. So I was wondering, what are the chances of getting some Fox Sports commentators in to do the next game? Now if we are going for realism, it makes sense for the Fox Sports guys to do the commentary for the series because they do the most commentary in real [/align]NRL.

Vossy now works for Fox, but I think Warren Smith and Greg Alexander are the best partnership in the NRL and I was wondering if there is any realistic chance of them commentating a Rugby League game in the future? Would you guys like to see it?
NSW will actually win in 2014, right?
Get whoever you want as a second... but Voss is here to stay. He's been with us since '03 and should always get first offer. Smile
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
I like Vossy, but it makes little sense if we are gonna for realism and have Andrew Voss and Phil Gould as a commentary team when it's been a good five years since they actually commentated a Rugby League match together
NSW will actually win in 2014, right?
Warren Smith is the best caller after Rabs easily.
Not Brandy, anybody but Brandy
As a Sharks fan i say a massive Go F*** Yourself to Greg Alexander.
I think it would be great to have as many commentators as possible. Have a team from 9, Fox Sports, SKY Sports (UK), and NZ Sky Sports.

If you play in NZ you get the NZ lads, same deal for Super League and test matches in UK.

They have Friday night footy/Sunday footy logos on the fields. Why not be the first gaming franchise to bring in different commentating teams? (Don't count FIFA in different language if they have German Commentators etc)
the fellas from England would be epic - those guys have the passion and the accent. would be great to have them onboard for a Tee-Are-Why!!!
Vossy has to stay but its a good idea getting someone other then Gus, who sounds like he did a terrible job and probably still got full pay the thief.
yeah everyones getting offside with gus these days - he is becoming a sour old man and is all glass half full negative type comments. get sterlo in there and some young blood that is part of the gaming generation like anasta (whom I reckon in his short commentating career is doing very well)

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