Poll: What should the NRL do to in regards to stadiums.
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Keep it as it is
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Play all matches at a single NRL-purpose ground in Sydney
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Play matches at suburban grounds
20 60.61%
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Suburban Grounds
After going to Belmore for the 1st time in my life last night, i realised that the game had the best atmosphere of any match id ever been to. It was a good crowd (17k) which wouldnt have been achievable if played at anz.
So i thought id ask your opinion on whether you think the nrl should favour moves to smaller, suburban grounds and reserve anz for big matches (eg Good Friday) and for finals and SOO.
If ANZ was a true rectangular stadium like the SFS I wouldn't mind so much. ANZ is a very poor stadium.
(06-30-2015, 01:16 PM)Dufeyz Wrote: If ANZ was a true rectangular stadium like the SFS I wouldn't mind so much. ANZ is a very poor stadium.

Yes thats true but even at SFS you are pretty far from the action compared to suburban grounds or European ones. Being close adds to the atmosphere and makes the match enjoyable no matter where u sit.
Suburban rounds are the lifeblood of rugby league. ANZ is poor and will remain poor regardless of its hybrid shape for this very reason. You cant walk to the game. Almost no team that plays @ ANZ is from its location. The fans of League like to actually walk to the game and have a few beers and then walk home. This is massively evident from last night, and happens EVERYTIME time a game is @ leichardt, Kogarah etc

ANZ will remain the butt joke of all stadia. It should be for massive games only. The finals. It should be nobodys home ground, so there is no home ground advantage in the GF. All games should be played at their native park. Souths should go back to SFS, Bulldogs to Belmore, Tigers to Lichardt/Ctown and Dragons back to Kogarah and WIN. ANZ is a disgrace, an Olympic hangover that nobody likes unless the event is massive enough to warrant it. Like a Socceroos/NSW/Wallabys/Kangaroos matches.
ANZ offers a large sum of money to teams to play a home game there and then get to profit from tickets and any drinks that are sold etc etc. Club gets to profit from the lump payment, merchandise etc etc.

It does effect the suburban grounds though with ANZ being there. Down here in Wollongong we have WIN Stadium which is 20,000 seats (If you include the hill), an absolutely amazing backdrop of the beach and are classed as the best football (Soccer) pitch in the country by some experts but per year we would receive under 10 professional sporting fixtures. We get about 5 Rugby League matches from the Dragons and 2-3 football matches and even then they're mostly friendlies, women's matches or the U20's. Last A-League season we got a league match between Sydney and Newcastle but the rest of the games at WIN are semi professional matches for the Wolves and Cutters. On the plus side WIN Stadium has managed to land a test match and a couple of soccer events that the people like (A-League All Stars had a camp here for a week in preparation for the Juventus match last year) but I shudder to think of what WIN Stadium would have become if the ST George Illawarra Dragons didn't exist.

Same with the Entertainment Centre we have. It seats 5000 and the biggest act we've had in years is Billy Idol. Just going to waste but generally most major businesses in the entertainment/sports field don't want to hit these smaller areas which is a shame because people want it badly.

EDIT: I've been to ANZ Stadium twice for football (Soccer) matches and it's a terrible venue for sport due to it's size. I'm sure it would be absolutely amazing if it was completely filled but I attended the Everton/Sydney FC match there and they had about 30-40 thousand people there and it sucked. I also saw Sydney FC play Adelaide (Or Perth) there a few years back and it was 15,000 people and it sucked. ANZ Stadium is only good for the huge games such as Origin and major tournament finals (Asian Cup, NRL Grand Final). Allianz is a much better stadium for sport and is a lot easier to get to as well.
I've never been to an Australian game, but from a British point of view I've almost always found the smaller, older, suburban grounds to have a better atmosphere.

For example The Willows (where Salford used to play) had a better atmosphere with a crowd of 2500 than many new stadiums do now with a crowd of 6-7000.

I know a lot of players prefer the grounds where you are closer to the action too.
ANZ Stadium need to pay clubs to play there because nobody wants to. if the price is right anything can happen. The clubs that DO play @ ANZ aren't exactly living on the edge and require the ANZ funds to survive. Maybe the tigers, but Souths, Bulldogs and Dragons are massive clubs that can survive in their usual native park. They ran out of hot chips @ Belmore on Monday night, Storm v Bulldogs would have gotton maybe 12,000 @ ANZ.

The 17,000 @ Belmore means more tickets, more beers, more chips and more merchandise sold. And they are going to get loads more people in 3 sundays v the sharks, because its sunday arvo.

MNF needs to stop, TV network dictating terms needs to stop, but thats another subject altogether than fires me upAngry
I must say there's nothing like a ~100k crowd at the MCG for atmosphere, I probably see that six - seven times a year with AFL.

I was in LA so couldn't attend the SoO but purchased tickets for the team here at BA and they said there was ~97k and it was magnificent.

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(07-01-2015, 12:36 PM)ak47 Wrote: The 17,000 @ Belmore means more tickets, more beers, more chips and more merchandise sold. And they are going to get loads more people in 3 sundays v the sharks, because its sunday arvo.

And more Kebabs.
I reckon that should they build an NRL purpose built stadium at sfs then that should be used for most matches. But every club should play 2-4 games at local grounds too

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