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Fuifui Moimoi
How would Hock do in the NRL? Would he be as good as say Sam Burgess or are we looking at kind of like a Gareth Ellis type who was solid but nothing amazing?
I'd say he's a bit too hit and miss to do well in the NRL. He could be brilliant one week and terrible the next. Ellis was always rock solid and Sam Burgess was either brilliant or solid, never really played poorly.
If he'd have gone to the NRL a bit younger, you'd have managed to mould a Gareth Ellis type back rower, with a better offload game.

In terms of right now he's a lot like Tony T-Rex Williams, flashes of brilliance between mostly 'meh' performances.
You can blame his wife for not going to Parramatta. Would have been interesting to see him play over here... but it was not to be.
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