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AFL Live 3 Twitter leak: Wicked Witch are the developers
(08-15-2015, 11:39 AM)the_one_1 Wrote:
(08-15-2015, 11:26 AM)Ross Wrote: The Engine is not the key, it's the AI and understanding how an AFL game should flow, Sidhe's Engine was for the PS3/Xbox360 in any case not PS4/Xbox One.

The difference between us is the understanding of football - we "get it" and still have AFL clubs as clients that purchase our game analysis on the real game week to week.

I'll give you one of my favourite sayings, I know plenty of people that can play Chess but I don't know anyone that can play Chess.

AI is dependent on code, some game engines have different code types between others even though they are similar. I know some stuff, so don't act like I'm not intelligent.

AFL Live 2 was their first proper console game of cause there will be a heap of inconsistencies.

I'm starting to have enough of all this. I'm seriously getting tired of saying that AFL Live 2 was a pretty good game, you need to think about the time and effort used to create it, and they did a pretty good job. Now they need to build on it.

That's it. I've had enough. Good bye.

No. Engines may differ but they essentially run on the same code, exactly the same code and the code base between them has little to no effect on the AI.

Anyway, so you're starting to have had enough? Consider those of us that have to listen to your ramblings that ignore the key facts given to you. The Wii game was a port of a mobile game that was then ported to PS3/Xbox360. No engine in the world is going to save you in those circumstances.

Installing a new renderer on top of an existing product does not a new game make. That's why we call the game a "Port".

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