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AFL Live 3 Twitter leak: Wicked Witch are the developers
(08-15-2015, 11:26 AM)Ross Wrote: The Engine is not the key, it's the AI and understanding how an AFL game should flow, Sidhe's Engine was for the PS3/Xbox360 in any case not PS4/Xbox One.

The difference between us is the understanding of football - we "get it" and still have AFL clubs as clients that purchase our game analysis on the real game week to week.

I'll give you one of my favourite sayings, I know plenty of people that can play Chess but I don't know anyone that can play Chess.

AI is dependent on code, some game engines have different code types between others even though they are similar. I know some stuff, so don't act like I'm not intelligent.

AFL Live 2 was their first proper console game of cause there will be a heap of inconsistencies.

I'm starting to have enough of all this. I'm seriously getting tired of saying that AFL Live 2 was a pretty good game, you need to think about the time and effort used to create it, and they did a pretty good job. Now they need to build on it.

That's it. I've had enough. Good bye.

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